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Tuesday, January 07, 2003

I Am Fascinated By This

TAPPED sends us to this paper, with a related explanation here.

This analysis is based on Senate roll call votes:

There were 633 roll calls cast in the 107th Senate of which 498 roll calls had at least 0.5% or better in the minority and were used in the scaling.

I think the "0.5% or better in the minority" means that if the Senate unanimously wishes Aunt Edna a "Happy 101st Birthday", the vote is dropped from the analysis.

So, my question - the roll-call votes seem to include what I will guess are organizing resolutions - Senate majority leader, and so on. I infer this from the fact that Bush, Senator from USA, votes 63 times (he is ranked at 70.5). Presumably, these are straight party-line votes, and reflect a Senator's loyalty, rather than political philosophy. So, does dropping the straight party-line votes change the outcome much? The extremes presumably won't change, but there might be more mixing across the center. E-mail, ho!

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