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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

I Love This Profile Of John Edwards

The NYTimes published this while I was on vacation (my winter motto: carpe skiem!). Let me see if I can remember the mini-tirade that so annoyed my wife and houseguests as I summarized the article. No peeking, now.

The article starts with a quote from Breaux wondering whether Edwards is properly seasoned. Lacks a bit of cajun sauce, maybe? And why is Breaux not a candidate - when I think of Breaux I think of charm, good looks, and Lousiana, and two out of three ain't bad. Sorry, digression.

Next, we meet the Senator with a quote that makes him out to be a perfect self-absorbed a**h***. "Hello, I'm John Edwards, and I want to be President so I can protect my wife and kids. Your family, pal? Hey, you're on your own."

OK, he didn't really say that. TNR gives us another opinion on the fateful words, as does the Hammer. But wow, will Edwards' handsome, chiseled jaw drop when he learns what Rumsfeld did on 9/11, rushing from his office to the crash scene at the Pentagon, where he helped move survivors out of the area. And I hope Edwards is near a heart surgeon when he learns about Afghanistan!

Ok, pressing on, still from memory, next we have a quote from Ma Edewards marveling that "Johhny" is ready for such high office. Them a quick discussion of his political ambitions - he denies having a lifelong passion for politics, and a quote from the wife is used to sugest he is a liar. His political agenda? He wants to be John McCain, but he is not quite ready. His big selling point - people like him, excuse me, "he connects". Hey, it may be enough, and maybe my dog can be Vice-President. Edwards never really built a fund-raising network in North Carolina, since he mostly used his own money back in 1998. And now he is off to the White House, and good luck to him.

It was quite a ghastly profile, if I am remembering it correctly. Probably ought to double-check at some point. Still, I think the Times may be looking elsewhere for leadership.

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