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Saturday, January 25, 2003

If It's Gone, It's Gone

But otherwise, check this Bold Blogging Experiment:

Patriotic Democrats who fear President Bush will too-readily attack Iraq would be well-advised to make encouraging noises about the President's proposals to reform Medicare. Why

--even if don't like them

--beat him later. mwanwhile, no war

--meat grinder

Bonus Frum-skipper

which are expecteve doubts about whether President Bush will wisely weigh the risks and rewards of attacking Iraq would be well advised

Clear? Inspired by Adaptation, which, BTW, I enjoyed last night? Stray text, wandering into the night? Beats me.

UPDATE: Cool - it was a window into "Genius at Work", and has now become "The blazing arrow connecting Iraq and prescription drugs". Hey, Bush is back in the blazing saddle again, and riding tall!

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