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Thursday, January 23, 2003

Keeping An Eye Out For Ron Dixon

The InstaPundit is watching this, as is Rachel Lucas. I do not have the sense that gun rights advocates lack a presence on the Internet, but I will add two cents: follow the story of Lou Dobbs' wife, arrested at Newark Airport with an unlicensed handgun in her purse. Her defense? "I forgot!"

Some of this I got from the Imus radio show, direct from an interview with Lou Dobbs, so we will have to wait for more reporting. [Like this from Newsday]. And I know the jurisdictions are different. But if she gets off with a slap on the wrist - probation, community service, whatever - then Ron Dixon's backers should howl.

My other thought for the day - this is a great opportunity for a Democrat to pick up a bit of support on the right. I seriously doubt that the Dem "base" is lying awake nights hoping to put Dixon in jail. Imagine the reaction at the NY Times if a senior staffer for Clinton or Schumer called and said something innocuous like "The Senator would like to know more about this". Totally neutral, totally unobjectionable, but the media swarm would begin, and Dixon would be on his way to dismissal of the charges.

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