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Friday, January 10, 2003

Krugman On Krugman

Krugman earnestly explains his comparison of Bush to Marcos. Rumble, elephants! Sullivan and Reynolds comment derisively. Most cuttingly, Volokh chews on Krugman's mention of "the Bush administration's creation of a cult of personality". [Update: Mickey joins the fun - fans of oral surgery wonder, is it safe?]

My question is much simpler - if Krugman has time to post his nightmare vision of Bush as Most Glorious and Exalted Celestial Ruler, might he not also find time to post a translation of the interview? Some of us might prefer to judge the interview for ourselves.

UPDATE: More on Krugman's mental health from Drezner. Now, as to some of P Krug's weirder comments, I am actually leaning towards a "Kidding!" defense. However, the biographical data he presents represents a serious overshare, as my kids would say, so I wonder: who is establishing a cult of personality now? And Drezner mentions "megalomaniacal paranoia" - well, I am not a health care professional either, but since Krugman is an only child who has never had kids of his own, he has been starring in "The Paul Krugman Show" his entire life. Does this make him a better candidate for the Drezner diagnosis?

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