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Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Matt Hoy: York Is On Fox

OK, pretty cryptic news for those of you not following the Pickering nomination. My thought: either the Pickering opponents are saving their ammo for a Senate hearing, or they are out of bullets. The NY Times has been silent since last week's flurry, so we presume that Sen. Schumer, Sen. Edwards, and the People for the American Way are not making any news on this.

Second thought: York has yet another piece on Pickering, and evidently has some huge files in front of himself on his desk. Some of his material is correspondence between Pickering and Orrin Hatch,so it has not received "adversarial review". However, when will it? The Times, the WaPo, TNR - all silent on Pickering.

This AP story and this Times story suggest that the 1994 cross-burning case will be a significant part of the Dem attack. Well, are the critics simply keeping us in suspense while York puts out his rebuttals, which seem to be based on the public record?

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