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Thursday, January 23, 2003

Maybe It Was "Miller TIME"

OK, the Hammer has come down on TIME and the Jefferson Davis wreath. As a bonus, the link to the original TIME story is now a dead-end. Oh, dear. Well, here are my excerpts:

Bush has revived a practice of paying homage to an even greater champion of the Confederacy—Jefferson Davis.

...Last Memorial Day, for the second year in a row, Bush's White House sent a floral wreath to the Confederate Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery. Six days later, as the United Daughters of the Confederacy celebrated Jefferson Davis' birthday there, Washington chapter president Vicki Heilig offered a "word of gratitude to George W. Bush" for "honoring" the Old South's dead.

The Washington Times and CNN dispute this. Evidently, and the White House claims to have the receipts to prove it, wreaths have been sent under Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II, and, we presume, before that.

The Man Sans Q enjoys a laugh at TIME's expense. And North Georgia wonders whether the folks who hopped on the bandwagon will now hop off. I'm curious myself. And let's not forget MoDo, who might have employed the vast powers of the NY Times to check this for her column.

UPDATE: Oh, let's marvel at this train wreck. Sen. Harry Reid, speaking on the Senate floor, can be found by following this link and then clicking on the link for "6. MARTIN LUTHER KING BIRTHDAY AND CIVIL RIGHTS". We imagine that he has cancelled his subscription to TIME.

TIME has a retraction and explanation. Ricky West updates his honor roll.

And a Good Point! This would not have happened if Case were on the case!

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