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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Mousetrap Me Once, Shame on You; Mousetrap Me Twice...

A party in disarray, or a party of principle and conviction? Or both? The Brothers Judd and Patrick Ruffini (No Do-overs) mock the call by some Democrats to have a second vote on a resolution authorizing the use of force against Iraq. I noted this suggestion by Kennedy in the previous post, and welcomed it. But only because I have an evil heart.

Look, Republicans will be delighted with a chance to reaffirm their support for Bush. But what will the Dems who supported Bush on the force authorization resolution in October do now? And I am specifically thinking of Presidential candidates Gephardt, Kerry, Lieberman, Graham, and Edwards, all of whom backed Bush. And Hillary, who needs to remember 2008.

Should they support Bush again, and further antagonzie their base? Or should they flip-flop, perhaps after pointing to Blix's report of Saddam's non-compliance, thereby prompting the rest of us to wonder about their constancy and judgement?

It seems as if the Dem leadership is planning to keep the lid on this experiment in self-destruction. Just as well - it is unlikely that "Hamlet 2004" is the winning ticket.

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