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Friday, January 10, 2003

Pickering And Schumer

More on the brewing brouhaha from Mickey, the Man Sans Q, and Eric The Red Menace. Oh, let's put Atrios into the mix for some balance [and see my UPDATE], and throw in TalkLeft as well.

Now, I bet I have an opinion. Several, in fact.

First, as to Schumer - what spirit moves him? Perhaps after the NYC Mayoral debacle amongst Sharpton, Ferrer, and Green, Schumer is hoping to establish his "street cred" as a powerful voice for the constituency which might otherwise gravitate towards Al Sharpton and his preferred candidate. Schumer will be defending his Senate seat in 2004 and does not need a primary challenger to muddy the waters, especially since Rudy Giuliani is lurking as a possible opponent.

And Bush? Bush is firmly committed to a principle I exhort my NY Jets to follow this weekend: find a new way to lose. Hmm, there needs to be a more upbeat way to express that, but the idea is, if you are going to make mistakes, make new ones. A tiny detail illustrates the point: Bush I was criticized for glancing at his watch during a televised debate in 1992. In 2000, neither Bush nor Cheney wore their watches during the debates. [Check last paragraph]

Today's headlines provide a more obvious example - Bush I was criticized for having no economic plan. Well, the tax plan proposed by Bush II may not work, may be a disaster, and may be the wrong tax cut for the wrong reasons and the wrong people (or not), but it is unmistakably and inarguably a plan.

Similarly, Bush I was criticized for losing the enthusiasm of his base. Now we see Pickering renominated, and I take that as a clear sign that we will see the Administration opposing the Michigan plan in the Affirmative Action case before the Supreme Court.

This is easy - figure out what Bush I did wrong (time consuming, yes), then guess at what the opposite course would look like. E.Z.

And Pickering? C'mon, when was the last time I disagreed with Micky AND the Man? And I'm not starting now.

UPDATE: He got "big media" attention on the Lott case, and seems to be attempting to wrap his tentacles around Pickering. If something hops from the blogosphere to the mainstream, it will probably be here - keep an eye on Atrios, who has an interesting point on the "Pickering testified against the Klan" story. And props to Nathan Newman.

UPDATE 2: The Brothers Judd send us to this headline:

Bush May Enter Affirmative Action Case

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