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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

The Police Report on The Central Park Jogger

Times story here, and Jim Dwyer's evaluation. Mr. Dywer has been immersed in the details of this case for months, and seems to have been fair.

Both stories point out what looks like an unshakeable fact - we just aren't going to know what happened that night. However, the DA's report did not focus on police misconduct, and this report does not find any.

Avenue of inquiry - they say this about one of the attorneys who prepared the police report:

Mr. Armstrong, a former Queens district attorney and federal prosecutor who was chief counsel to the Knapp Commission, which investigated police corruption in the 1970's...

Well, he has been involved in investigating the police before, in some capacity. The report was [c]ompiled by two prominent New York lawyers, Michael F. Armstrong and Jules A. Martin, and by Stephen L. Hammerman, deputy police commissioner for legal affairs.. .

Anyway, a bio check might add a bit of luster to this report. Or not - I suspect most people already know what they think.

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