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Saturday, January 11, 2003

Well, Duh!

From the NY Times Corrections, Jan 11:

• A chart in Science Times on Dec. 31 with an article about possible adjustments to Einstein's theory of relativity misstated the value of Planck energy, which some theorists think should represent the maximum energy of an elementary particle. It is 1019 billion electron volts, not 1019 electron volts.

• An obituary on Thursday about Richard Mohr, a producer of opera records and Metropolitan Opera intermission broadcasts, misspelled the surname of an artist who recorded for him. It was the pianist Arthur Rubinstein, not Rubenstein.

The article also misspelled the name of an aria from "La Traviata" that the sopranos Licia Albanese, Dorothy Kirsten and Eleanor Steber sang together on one program. It is "Sempre libera," not "Libre."

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