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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

The Era Of Euro-Bashing Is Over

Fun is fun, but now it is ended. From today's Times:

Senator Chuck Hagel, a Nebraska Republican who has himself criticized the Bush administration for being too inclined to go it alone in world affairs, was another of the officials who met with Dr. Merkel.

"Obviously, she's the leader of the opposition party, but I do think the real objective here is to put back together and repair the damage that's been done between these two countries," Mr. Hagel said. "Don't allow America to define Germany by what the chancellor said, or don't allow Germany to define America by using anti-American sentiments for political purposes."

"I have said that we on our side of the Atlantic should be careful, too," he continued. "I don't think America enhances its position with its allies by condescending, glancing-blow comments like those made by the secretary of defense and others."

The CalPundit and Patrick Ruffini agree. Now, someone tell Ms. Dowd to lighten up on the Bulgarians - she sounds like an ugly Upper East side snob.

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