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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

I Have Read His Lips, And My Jaw Has Dropped

Andrew Sullivan has a piece about the Iraq and the culture wars which contains this shocker: some Bush tax cuts should be rescinded to pay for the rebuilding of post-war Iraq.

"But I do think that an opportunity exists for Bush to neutralize and even co-opt some of these people [on the Left] by his conduct in the post-war settlement. He must commit real resources, real troops, real money to reconstructing Iraq and to building the beginnings of democracy there. No friendly new dictator; no cut-and-run; no change of the subject. He has to show the essentially progressive nature of the war against Islamist terror and its state sponsors - not just for the security of the West but for the future of the Arab world. Rescinding some future tax cuts to help pay for this may well be prudent - and even popular.

Emphasis added, but no exclamation points. Sullivan taking the "No" out of "No New Taxes"? Tear out the front page. Someone sedate Paul Krugman before he hurts himself laughing. And speaking strictly for myself, I am woefully confused. I thought that the Horsemen of the Ablogalypse included Death and War, not Death and Taxes.

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