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Thursday, February 13, 2003

Just Blogging Out Loud, Here

Indulge me, if you will, and let me work up to my point. First, who do you suppose said this, in a recent State of the Union address:

...Keep in mind, the same technological advances that have shrunk cell phones to fit in the palms of our hands can also make weapons of terror easier to conceal and easier to use. We must meet this threat by making effective agreements to restrain nuclear and missile programs in North Korea, curbing the flow of lethal technology to Iran, preventing Iraq from threatening its neighbors...

NO, it was not the Axis of Evil speech! It was Bill Clinton, in his 2000 SoTU.

Oh, we are rolling now! Who said this:

I also want to say that America must help more nations to break the bonds of disease. Last year in Africa, 10 times as many people died from AIDS as were killed in wars--10 times. The budget I give you invests $150 million more in the fight against this and other infectious killers. And today I propose a tax credit to speed the development of vaccines for diseases like malaria, TB, and AIDS. I ask the private sector and our partners around the world to join us in embracing this cause. We can save millions of lives together, and we ought to do it.

C'mon, it was CLINTON AGAIN! Get the wax out of your ears, Richard Gere!

Oh, we are having fun now. But what prompts this stroll down memory lane? Well, Mickey linked to a wide-ranging Katie Couric interview with Mr. Clinton. Media bias is covered (the Right owns talk radio, so that settles that question), but what caught my evil eye was the following:

Couric: “When it comes to terrorism, do you ever kick yourself for not doing more about Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden while you were in office?”

Former President Bill Clinton: “I don’t know what else I could have done. I did everything I thought I could. And if you talk to our people we talked about bin Laden four out of every five days for the last three years I was president. It’s interesting, that some of the people say I should have done more, now, were ridiculing me for doing too much then, and saying I was obsessed with bin Laden. I had the same level of obsession with bin Laden that I think a lot of the current administration has with Saddam Hussein. And I thought then, and I think now, that Al Qaeda’s the number one security problem in the world.”

Oh, you know I added that emphasis, and why would I not believe him? Evidently, however, the State of the Union address consistently fell on the fifth day, when the "Enough with Osama, already" blackout was imposed. I have done a word search for "Osama" and "Laden" for his SotU speeches from 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000, and come up with a grand goose-egg. With this many strikeouts, it's like watching Mariano!

Oh, don't start - I know that "Osama Bin Laden - Alive?" seems to have become an anagram for "Lord Voldemort", aka, "He Who Is Not Named" in the Bush White House, at least until this week. Still, this must have been one of Clinton's many secret obsessions.

UPDATE: It's ancient history, but here is an article filled with links to stories about Clinton's obsession. And here is one of the links, to a 1998 Sudan story.

MUCH LATER: Groan. Here is "Usama bin Ladin", appearing in 1999:

As we work for peace, we must also meet threats to our Nation's security, including increased dangers from outlaw nations and terrorism. We will defend our security wherever we are threatened, as we did this summer when we struck at Usama bin Ladin's network of terror. The bombing of our Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania reminds us again of the risks faced every day by those who represent America to the world. So let's give them the support they need, the safest possible workplaces, and the resources they must have so America can continue to lead.
We must work to keep terrorists from disrupting computer networks. We must work to prepare local communities for biological and chemical emergenices, to support research into vaccines and treatments.
We must increase our efforts to restrain the spread of nuclear weapons and missiles, from Korea to India and Pakistan. We must expand our work with Russia, Ukraine, and other former Soviet nations to safeguard nuclear materials and technology so they never fall into the wrong hands. Our balanced budget will increase funding for these critical efforts by almost two-thirds over the next 5 years.

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