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Saturday, February 22, 2003

Oh, Man, I Missed The Memo

"Name profiling" at airports, for common Islamo-terrorist names like Abdullah. Is this a subtle attempt to engage in ethnic profiling by another, uhh, name?

I knew about the "nationality profiling" initiated last fall. But this new policy is directed at American citizens.

Well, leave it to the NY Times Sports section to break this news. Break it to me and Rip van Winkle, anyway.

UPDATE: OK, here is a story mentioning the "No-Fly lists" that have reportedly clipped the wings of some protestors. Must be a right-wing site, because I see a lot of anger and name-calling. But why are they so upset about the election?

The wrong party lost the national election and the forces of corporate, jingoistic oppression prevailed...

These are dangerous and idiotic people we are being lead by....

These are mentally unbalanced people that are destroying our future.

Because of weak-minded Democrats our country now belongs to those that would jail us for criticizing them. Take a close look at The Patriot Act and the “No Fly" lists that have kept activists from getting on airplanes. Expect further demonstrations to get increasingly contentious. Don’t be surprised at the coming wave of civil unrest.

It is not an exaggeration to say that in exactly the same way the Nazis used fear and paranoia to get themselves voted legally into power, we have handed the guns over to the Goerrings, Himmlers and Hitlers of our day...."

I am confused. Well, more on Himmler and the no-fly lists.

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