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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

People Hate "The Bell Curve", So How Do They Like This?

Lots of links to the "Bell Curve" blogathon, and an odd discussion here. Well, if Thomas Sowell is unhappy, I am unhappy.

Now, what about sex based differences in intelligence? The simplified argument is that, because of their XY chromosome, men as a group have a greater variability in everything, including intelligence. Consequently, men will be over-represented amongst both the village idiots and the geniuses of the age.

Fascinating if true, since equality of opportunity for elite spots requiring "top percentile" ability will never be met with equality of gender outcome. Setting aside any physical requirements or cultural barriers, one would still predict that astronauts, PhD's, concert pianists, brilliant politicians, writers, mathematicians, nuclear physicists, and even top bloggers would be predominantly male. Weird. Or, is it?

Anyway, I have linked to one paper, but have no idea how this thesis has stood up to academic review. Help?

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