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Thursday, March 27, 2003

Here Is A Frenchmen WIth More Guts Than You

Or me, I hasten to add. The odds are, he is also a better writer and more persuasive than you, so fellow bloggers, take note:

On Dec. 26, 1971, Fran├žois Bizot, a 31-year-old French ethnologist, walked away from a jungle prison in Cambodia after three months of incarceration by Khmer Rouge guerrillas. He had talked his way to freedom, but he also owed his life to his captor and interrogator, a math teacher turned Communist revolutionary who went by the nom de guerre Duch.

During long conversations with his jailer, Mr. Bizot concluded that the young man's idealism was misguided but sincere. Once Duch had accepted that his prisoner was not a C.I.A. operative, he convinced the rebel high command to release him. "I acted according to my conscience," Duch explained. In response, to underline his scholarly credentials, Mr. Bizot resumed his research into Khmer-language Buddhist manuscripts...

Then the adventures begin.

Meanwhile, for a bit of balance, here is an American with more guts than you. I should add, he is a highly visible Texan who may well be considered a symbol of American power and dominance, and might make a lovely target. Daniel in the lion's den had it easy.

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