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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

A Krugman Flashback

Was it only March 14, reporting live from Krugmanistan, that the Earnest Professor K gravely warned us that "British public opinion is now virulently anti-Bush"?

Clearly that was many news cycles ago, because those fickle Brits seem to have swung wildly about on this point. In a poll conducted on March 14 to 16, and published on March 18, we learn this:

Surprisingly the poll also shows quite good ratings for George Bush with 53% of voters saying they have confidence in him to make the right decisions on Iraq, while 43% have no confidence in him.

Well, the question is narrowly drawn to focus on the war with Iraq. Perhaps if it were expanded to include thier views on the proposed dividend tax exemption or the phony Bush budget numbers, the virulence would be more apparent.

UPDATE: If we can rely on the Man Sans Q, further predictions from the leader of Krugmania will be made from under his bed.

Oh, darn it, now that I have been drawn into the vortex, let me add a few thoughts about Krugman's column from last Tuesday, March 18.

First, this excerpt:

The members of the Bush team don't seem bothered by the enormous ill will they have generated in the rest of the world. They seem to believe that other countries will change their minds once they see cheering Iraqis welcome our troops, or that our bombs will shock and awe the whole world (not just the Iraqis) or that what the world thinks doesn't matter. They're wrong on all counts.

Emphasis added. Well, Krugman seems to have been wrong about the Brits, so could he be wrong about other nations as well? Perhaps his future is brighter as an authority in international trade than international opinion.

And secondly, I find this statement to be an absolute puzzler:

There is a case for getting tough with Iraq; bear in mind that an exasperated Clinton administration considered a bombing campaign in 1998.

Considered it? And after four days of bombing, in an operation called Desert Fox, Clinton re-considered it? Gee, after four days, Clinton declared the operation to be a success.

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