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Sunday, March 23, 2003

Michael Moore Wins Academy Award

And delivers a ridiculous acceptance speech, which I paraphrase:

We documentary makers are here because we like non-fiction - but we live in fictitious times. We have a fictitious election and end up with a fictitious President. We enter a war for fictitious reasons. We do not want this war! And a final thought, Mr. Bush - if the Dixie Chicks and the Pope are against you, your time is almost up!

Well, the crowd reaction was interesting. The camera panned across a lot of folks looking non-plussed. I would say there were some cheers, but many more boos. The boos struck me as having a "not now" tone - I thought I was hearing "shut up and sit down" rather than "you're wrong", but that could be my own biases. And either one works for me.

The follow-up was fascinating. By what I presume to have been coincidence, Jack Valenti, Hollywood spokesman and President of the Motion Picture Association forever, came out next. Do not ad-lib, Jack! Despite his years as a Hollywood lobbyist, Valenti just carried on with the script and totally ignored the Moore speech.

Steve Martin, host for the evening, came back next. Paraphrasing again:

"Oh, it was a touching, beautiful scene backstage. A bunch of Teamsters were helping Michael Moore into the trunk of his limousine."

Huge laugh from crowd. Can't fault their good sense on this one.

UPDATE: Sticklers for detail can see the transcript of Moore's comments. And, in blogdom's fines 45seconds, RJ West sends us to Bobby Allison-Gallimore for the audio.

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