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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Poor Al And The Evil Media

Bob Somerby of the Endless Howler continues his series on the mistreatment of Al Gore by the major media in the 2000 race.

This series could have some potential value as a cautionary tale for Kerry supporters, since Big John may not have the best relationship with the Washington press corps.

However, it serves instead only as a delightful stroll down memory lane for unreconstructed Gore-bashers.

The problem - Al and his staff disappear from the story. Al is a passive victim. Somerby chronicles outrageous press behavior with no attempt to describe Gore's reaction, or non-reaction. Were Al and his team oblivious, or simply incompetent? And doesn't either choice speak to his Presidential qualifications?

There is a hidden tidbit here - liberal media bias lives! Or at least, the press treatment of Al does not disprove its existence, since, according to Somerby, the press originally turned viciously on Al in favor of liberal Bill Bradley.

We eagerly await future installments. Eventually, we expect Mr. Somerby to regale us with tales about how the three Al Gores that we all saw in the three debates with Bush were also the invention of an evil media.

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