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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Something For Everyone

OK, maybe not everyone. Let's say this story has something for Bush-bashers, Clinton-haters, and conspiracy theorists everywhere. The rest of you, feel free to leave.

Are they both gone? To work, then.

From Ted Barlow, and in an unlikely alliance with Julia of Sisyphus Shrugged, I learn that Barbara Bodine will be part of the US team to administer Iraq after the Allied liberation.

And what does Ms. Sisyphus have to say about this?

"You may remember Barbara Bodine. She's the Ambassador to Yemen who single-handedly stopped the investigation into al Qaeda's (and bin Laden's) role in the attack on the Cole, going so far as to pull strings to have the ranking anti-terrorism expert in the region pulled out for persisting in his investigation after she told him it was undiplomatic. The Yemenis shut down their cooperation after that.

He later died in the World Trade Center.

Yes, you've got it - the Bush administration is putting the woman with arguably the highest personal responsibility for the death of 3,000 americans at the hands of terrorists of any U.S. official, through stupidity and an overpowering need to emphasize that no-one was the boss of her, in place in post-"liberation" Iraq.

...Matthew Yglesias quotes Skimble (< - sidebar) as pointing out that the only connection between Saddam and bin Laden is Barbara Bodine."

As I said, something for the Bush-bashers. But who else is on this team? According to the NY Times, the proposed team will include Timothy Carney, former US Ambassador to the Sudan. Are the conspiracy theorists and Clinton-haters getting a tingle? YES, Mr. Carney was our Ambassador back when the Sudan offered to arrest Osama and give him to the US, and the Clinton Administration refused.

So, maybe Ms. Bodine moves down in the rankings as "most culpable", as we forge another solid link between Osama and Baghdad. Here is a link to the "Where's Osama?" WaPo story. Ambassador Carney comes off as a good guy in this version, but who knows what happened behind the scenes, hmm? Mr. Carney tells us himself here, but what does it really mean? The truth is out there.

The good news is, we can't say this team lacks for relevant experience.

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