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Monday, March 24, 2003

The War Is Nearly Over

I refer, of course, to the battle for sympathetic political labels. "Anti-war" is a pretty good label, but was there ever a chance that the other side would opt for the label of "pro-war"? NO! So now we have the anti-war movement pitted against pro-American rallies. Advantage - America!

And on the question of symbolic protests at the Oscars - apparently Susan Sarandon and others were wearing a small pin meant to depict a flying dove. OK, I didn't really think the pin was a Screaming Eagle, but I had some idea that it might be a chickenhawk. And why ABC didn't feature tighter close-ups of Ms. Sarandon's chest is an ongoing source of puzzlement.

The NY Times describes the symbolic battle thusly:

While actors deliberated over whether to wear American flags or peace symbols in their lapels (most chose neither),..

So what is with "or"? Hello, deep thinkers of the anti-liberation movement - maybe someone could wear both.

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