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Thursday, March 20, 2003

We Interrupt This Blog

We are going to deviate from our "All Non-War, All the Time" format for just a moment to comment on last night's television coverage. I had lost the darn remote control, so I settled down with my man Tom Brokaw for an hour of useless chatter and haphazard speculation." Are we or are we not bombing Baghdad, and if not, why not?" Oh, man, after a bit of this I was nostalgic for the calm, cogent coverage of Election Night 2000.

SO, my own useless chatter - maybe we bombed everywhere EXCEPT Baghdad - why give Al-Jazeera the satisfaction, or the film footage? Presuming, of course, that there are targets elsewhere.

We should keep hinting that Saddam is dead, thereby pressuring him to appear frequently to maintain control. Sort of like shooting the ducks in a video game.

A ground attack by daylight to facilitate mass surrenders - this was one commentator's idea, and why not?

We resume our regularly scheduled total denial.

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