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Thursday, March 06, 2003

Who Is Marcy Kaptur?

Today, she is famous for the following quote:

"One could say that Osama bin Laden and these non-nation-state fighters with religious purpose are very similar to those kind of atypical revolutionaries that helped to cast off the British crown."

Well, we all recognize red meat when we see it, so we know that talk radio will bury her for this. [Mini-Update: Reactions from Reynolds, Volokh...]

The story above provides a link to Ms. Kaptur's web site. And here is the original interview in the must-read Toledo-Blade.

Well, from her attempt last fall to run for Minority Leader as the senior Democratic woman in the House, we infer that she is not an insignificant back-bencher. In our insatiable quest for ghastly background info, we note her proud opposition to NAFTA, ten years later.

She mentions the Green Mountain Boys in her interview. I am reasonably certain they did not crash airplanes into London skyscrapers, but perhaps they engaged in acts that would today be considered terrorism. Hmm:

Green Mountain Boys, popular name of armed bands formed (c.1770) under the auspices of Ethan Allen in the Green Mountains of what is today Vermont. Their purpose was to prevent the New Hampshire Grants, as Vermont was then known, from becoming part of New York, to which it had been awarded by the British. Land speculators, such as Allen and his brothers, and settlers banded together in armed groups to defend their lands. Their methods were threat, intimidation, and actual violence against the New Yorkers, and they managed to keep the region free from New York control, establishing (1777) instead a separate government that ultimately achieved (1791) statehood for Vermont.

And more about their Revolutionary War exploits.

Well, she may be on to something here, with the "Green Mountain Terrorists". However, the moral equivalence watch is still VERY concerned, since we worry about objectives as well as methods. But since my kids are off something, namely school (snow day!), I will have to pursue this later.

UPDATE: Ahh, the "Evil Excerpter" is working again! Here is a lovely out of context sound-bite from non-patriot Marcy Kaptur: We have a plutocracy. We don’t have a republic."

Oh, whatever. Here is a more complete excerpt, just to spoil my fun:

Miss Kaptur has campaigned for candidates in Iowa and given speeches in New Hampshire, but she did not disclose any 2004 presidential aspirations.

She said she wants to be "a burr under the saddle" to bring down the high cost of running for office. "[I want] to make it possible for ordinary citizens who have distinguished themselves to run for president," she said. "The system we have today doesn’t allow it. We have a plutocracy. We don’t have a republic.

"People better pay attention to how much it’s costing - $200 million to run for president, $10 million to run for governor or senator in Ohio," the congresswoman said.

Whatever. But it is sooo fun to bash Democrats. [You may have to scroll down a bit, sorry. And this source attributes it to a staffer.]

OK, this next bit is not quite "No Blood for Oil", and the source is what it is, but here we go:

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) accused President Bush of treason on the Fox News Hannity and Colmes show, saying,

Bush wants war in Iraq to "pump up his corporate interest" and that the Bush family "would love to have their war to enhance their oil profits".

That may not be an accusation of treason, but still, I am not sure this is an example of responsible leadership.

Next is from 1997, we presume she means Bush I, and we wonder if this has a factual basis, or simply falls in the category of random character assasination:

I think for the country, there’s no more important priority than campaign-finance reform, even though I think it’s at 4 percent in the polls... [President] Clinton got in trouble because of the acceptance of money from foreign interests like the Chinese, and the Lincoln Bedroom scandal—which, by the way, I’m sure George Bush did too, absolutely.

Next up, a Warblogger Feast - her statement on the House resolution last October authorizing the use of force against Iraq. L et me summarize - it's all about Palestine, oil, and the corrupt oil companies associated with Bush and Cheney.

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