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Saturday, April 19, 2003

If You Take Enough Positions, They Can't All Be Wrong

Atrios on why he doesn't criticize fellow lefties:

...Brian Linse has a post up on the subject of lefty bloggers criticizing our own. This is one of my pet peeves- so much so that I think occasionally people misunderstand where I am coming from on the issue. When I started blogging I noticed that the "liberal" bloggers spent an inordinate amount of time writing and echoing the criticisms of liberals (or, more often than not "idiotarians") by the mouth-breathers on the other side. Why this bothered me particularly was that it was pretty clear to me that a lot of the lefty bloggers thought they had a bargain - we'll criticize our idiots if you criticize yours. I've never seen much of the latter.

...emphasis is everything. I have better things to do than try and prove something to the bullies on the other side by answering their calls to denounce the latest comment by some lefty somewhere. And, as Calpundit points out, more often than not stupid things done by idiot lefties aren't actually done by People in Power - you know, politicians, big media, etc, but rather the "Gilligan's Island Crowd" - movie stars and professors - or, Instapundit's favorite threat to society, "some anonymous guy with a stupid sign somewhere."

When elected officials and other prominent people involved with the Democrats have bigot eruptions, or whatever, I'll freely condemn them. But, when some idiot says something stupid in an alternative weekly, or Harry Belafonte says something, it has nothing to do with me....

Atrios on why righties should criticize Michael Savage and his new show on MSNBC:

Anyway, I'd like to jump up and down and scream and start a crusade against it - but, fuck it - he's your guy, Right Wingers, if you want him out there making you look good every weekend, you just keep quiet about it and continue bitching about the liberal media. Savage is a poisonous bigot - and he's your poisonous bigot. Will do wonders for Republican efforts to enlarge the big tent I'm sure.


UPDATE: Gosh, was it just last February? I knew I had an opinion about this. Not to spoil the surprise, but I agree with Atrios! Hmm, but which one?

UPDATE 2: Whack the Pinata! Atrios, Jesse, Jane, and Jay join in. Jolly!

Now, I have had a bit of a chance to do some field research, and actually located Michael Savage on my AM dial last night. Almost immediately, I learned that anyone who favors third trimester abortion is a baby-killing Hitlerite. Normally, I would have invoked Godwin's law and switched the dial, but this was for science! Soon thereafter, I learned that the production crew at Sixty Minutes are evil, psychotic, and treasonous. The Voice of the Sensible Center! If I could only operate the pre-programmed settings on my car radio, I would be a regular listener. Although apparently regular listeners don't want to be:

Savage’s incredibly grating mannerisms create the aural equivalent of driving by a horrific traffic accident—you know you shouldn’t look, out of respect for the dead and injured, but you feel compelled to slow down and take a peek.


MORE UPDATES: A Reader Rebellion! What about De Genova of the Million Mogadishu March, and isn't he a much smaller fish than the Savage One? Good Point! Fortunately, my archives are on Blogger, so we may never know my position on whether every lefty should decant De Genova (and let him breathe). But what will all these righties say if the InstaPundit archives are working...

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