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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

John Kerry Campaigns In The Belgian Primary

Evidently exploiting a previously undiscovered quirk in the Democratic nominating process, my main man John Kerry has seemingly taken leave of both this country and his senses. His latest campaign strategy seems to be to win the vote-rich primaries in Belgium, France, and Germany, and use the resulting momentum to sweep to victory in the US. Let him tell it:

"...because of the anger that exists with many countries and their leaders ... I don't think they're going to trust this president no matter what," the Massachusetts senator [said].

Apparently, Kerry believes that President Bush so alienated allies prior to the U.S.-led war against Iraq that only a new president can rebuild damaged U.S.-international relationships. Or, as a Regular Person might say it, the Germans and French don't like Bush, so get him out of there! Oh, my mistake - Kerry was speaking to the good people of the great state of New Hampshire, who, for some unexplained reason, should ignore their own views of Bush and back the Franco-German axis.

Kerry then announced the terms under which he would surrender the United States to UN rule:

If elected president, Kerry said he would heal relations with other countries by approaching the United Nations with a plan to make the United States a leader on international, environmental and health care issues without ceding its right to defend itself.

"I believe we can have a golden age of American diplomacy," he said.

He did not comment on whether he would show flexibility on his sure-to-be controversial "self defense" exception.

UPDATE: More sound bites from the front-runner:

What we need now is not just a regime change in Saddam Hussein and Iraq, but we need a regime change in the United States," said Kerry, a four-term Senate veteran.

Kerry was initiially unclear on whether he would only proceed with UN backing, or proceed unilaterally. However, an aide issued this clarification:

Campaign spokesman Robert Gibbs said Kerry, a decorated Vietnam veteran, intended no disrespect toward the commander in chief at a time of war.

"But the point of this campaign is, obviously, to change the administration of this government," he said.

Sounds awfully unilateralist to me.

UPDATE: Kerry responds: "I refuse to have my patriotism or right to speak out questioned." The rebuttal would have more impact if the WaPo story could provide a Republican Attack Quote that actually did question Kerry's patriotism, instead of these attacks on his judgement and timing.

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