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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Jonah Goldberg, Traitor!

His latest G-file is about the intimidation of free speech, so he mocks the Vichy Chicks and other Hollywood heroes. But his Metaphor Mangler goes unpatriotically awry right here:

Like airborne special forces, they load up with all of the useful metaphors, allusions, and adjectives — chilling effect, backlash, Orwellian, fascism, censorship — and then toss them around without much precision or care.

Without much precision or care? C'mon, we put the "Special" in Special Forces! We lead the world in precision guided munitions! Get with the defense budget, buddy.

UPDATE: My cool "Vichy Chicks" link won't work, but start here and scroll down. To make amends for the inconvenience, we have an advance copy of Bush's reaction to his Hollywood critics, AND a "Where's Cheney" update.

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