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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Quote of the War

An embedded reporter for the NY Times captures what I believe will be the national mood following this war:

BAGHDAD, Iraq, April 7 — The scene at the foot of the bridge over the Diyala River was one of utter desolation, with the ground littered with smoldering Iraqi bodies. Burning vehicles sent plumes of black smoke billowing into the sky. The air stank from the smell of so much afire. Only the stray dogs, nosing around the flesh and flames, seemed alive.

..."It's a little sobering," said Capt. Sal Aguilar, standing in a field with dead Iraqis all around him. "When you're training for this, you joke about it, you can't wait for the real thing. Then when you see it, when you see the real thing, you never want to see it again."

I think this is the answer to the worries about neocon neocolonialism popping up on the left half of the blogosphere.

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