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Monday, May 19, 2003

Intellectual Diversity In The Blogpsphere - Left v. Right

Patrick Ruffini and Andrew Sullivan comment on intellectual diversity in the blogosphere, and believe the Right has more of it. Patrick first:

...it's probably true that, advocacy-wise, lefty bloggers make the most of their limited traffic by being very party line on Bush and most domestic issues. The "righties" aren't.


As to the greater eclecticism of those broadly on the right, I'd say Patrick's onto something. I'm forgetting who coined this phrase but I think it's largely true that today's right looks for converts whereas today's left looks for heretics. That's why the left tends to be duller, more self-absorbed and generally less entertaining than the right. The right is always trying to build an audience; the left is busy purging theirs'.

Say it with me - oh, for heaven's sake. My zen reply is this - zebras look different to other zebras.

Now, Andrew revives a puzzle - can I write a sentence without a hyphen? Yes, but he brings up another puzzle as well - who said "the right looks for converts while the left looks for heretics"?

I find several sources attributing it to Doug Henwood, but I find a message board comment from Doug Henwood attributing it to Michael Kinsley. Perhaps they are both popularizers of someone else's quip.

Anyway, I seem to be at the end of the Google-verse with this problem. Time for the high-priced Lexis-Nexis talent to take over.

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