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Thursday, May 22, 2003

Let Me Know How You Like This

Some political observers penned the following:

Democrats have yet to fully comprehend the new reality of the post-Sept. 11 world. While most Americans viewed the war in Iraq through the prism of the Twin Towers attacks, many prominent Democrats still seem not to grasp the profound sense of insecurity that so many people feel in our country. This unease is especially pronounced among women, who have been a cornerstone of the party's strength and without whom they cannot hope to win back the White House or Congress.

The American people agree with the Democrats on many vital issues -- but they believe that Democrats are weak and indecisive when it comes to standing up to dictators and terrorists, and when it comes to the primary responsibility of government: defending the nation. No matter how compelling their positions on the economy, health care, Social Security, the environment and privacy, if voters continue to see them as feckless and effete they will not listen to their message next year and they will re-elect Mr. Bush.

Hmm, I am going to guess that Dems wouldn't like to hear from that from a righty. But really, I am a Sensitive Guy, so let me reassure you - the above passage is, with minor editing to put it into the third person, from a WSJ piece by Donna Brazile and Timothy Bergreen. Ms. Brazile needs no introduction, but here are their brief bios anyway:

Ms. Brazile, who served as the campaign manager for Gore 2000, is a political strategist and a member of the board of advisers of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, a think tank on terrorism. Mr. Bergreen served in the State Department during the Clinton administration and is the founder of Democrats for National Security.

If the WSJ link does not cooperate, try the equally frustrating Blogger link.

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