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Friday, May 23, 2003

Save The Last Dance, Save Social Security...


... Did David Frum really speculate that union members were responsible for the bombing at Yale? Yes, he did.

You know, Tapped hasn't got the faintest clue who is responsible for the explosion. But arguing that the boming (sic) looks like "good old-fashioned union violence," based on zero evidence, is about as responsible as Tapped wondering whether, say, the bombing was actually the work of those overzealous conservative dudes who broke into Yale undergrad Katherine Lo's room last April to confiscate her upside-down American flag.

Or hey -- maybe it's actually Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. As Atrios points out, the Yale alum keeps a sign in his office that reads "SAVE AMERCIA, BOMB YALE LAW SCHOOL."

Why does Clarence Thomas hate America?

"Boming" (sic)? "AMERCIA" (sic)? Mercy! Why does TAPPED hate spellcheck?

Oh, we relent. The link to which TAPPED sends us seems to have spawned the second typo. We get another sighting of the story, with conventional spelling, here.

As to the substance of their post, I can't argue with "Tapped hasn't got the faintest clue". Apparently investigators are wondering about rejected law school applicants, as well as disgruntled employees, students, and faculty. Hey, what about disgruntled alumni? Union folks would fall under the "employee" heading, but it does seem absurdly premature to presume that the answer will lie there.

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