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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

TAPPED: Even When They Admit They Are Wrong, They Are Wrong

First, they lost Mohammed; now they have lost their own links and their own post, and are blaming their woes on the BBC. Let's review.

First, TAPPED links to a BBC story wondering whether the Special Forces raid that freed Jessica Lynch was staged.

TAPPED also offered some supporting evidence for this theory - a mysterious "Mohammed", reportedly instrumental in the Lynch rescue, has disappeared! Or did he even exist, they wonder?

I, and others, debunk the Mohammed angle by noting that the Newswwek story was a month old, and that Mohammed has since re-surfaced.

TAPPED graciously attempts to correct the record with a new post, which says the following:

"Several readers pointed out that "Mohammed" is not so mysterious as the BBC makes him out to be..."

Hold on, buddy. The BBC never made Mohammed out to be mysterious. The BBC story makes no mention of Mohammed. It was TAPPED's failure to check the date on the Newsweek story, and TAPPED's failure to perform any research, that created their confusion about Mohammed.

Whn I first saw this attempt to debunk the heroes at the Pentagon, I wondered why TAPPED hates America. Now, I wonder why they hate the British.

KIDDING! I'm sure they love the British.

Anyway, as to the BBC "staging Private Lynch" story itself, here is a report from just after the rescue:

"While troops engaged the Iraqis in another part of the city, the team persuaded an Iraqi doctor to lead them to Lynch, said Air Force Maj. Gen. Gene Renuart."

Dramatic gunshots? Not mentioned.

Here is a follow-up on "troops engaging Iraqis in another part of the city" - a diversion, evidently.

"They weren’t the ones who pulled [Lynch] to freedom; Army Special Forces did that. Instead, these three and 25 other "Force Recon" members were assigned to attack a compound near the hospital, creating havoc as a diversion for the rescuers."

The hospital itself was reported as being deserted by CNN back on April 18.

The InstaPundit has more, and announces that the BBC reporter is in retreat.

Peter Jennings aired a similar "it was staged" report on May 7, which I mention in response to TAPPED's plaintive plea that "it would be nice if more of the American press would follow this story."

So, TAPPED - what else is new?

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