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Thursday, May 15, 2003

TAPPED: Never Say Never Again

Our reliable source of mirth is at it again, weighing in on the Cavuto-Krugman brawl:

Seriously though, does Cavuto know anything about journalism or newspapers? You'd think so, since he's been in the biz for a while. But what kind of an idiot thinks Krugman's column -- which appears on the op-ed page, with all the other opinion columns, which are, you know, known to be opinionated from time to time -- is supposed to be a "straight news story"? ...Krugman, whatever his faults, has never called himself a journalist -- although that weasel "no doubt" clause gets Cavuto off the hook for not checking.

Emphasis added, here and below. And speaking of "not checking", perhaps TAPPED can guess at the identity of the chap who posted this at the Paul Krugman website (oops, that might give it away!)

"...It's important that a national publication like the New York Times insist that its journalists be free from conflicts of interest; kudos to my employers for their strict rules, which insist that writers be free from anything that might raise questions - rules that I have followed from the moment I joined the Times. It's also important for a journalist to disclose previous connections where they are relevant - which I have."

Hmm, did you guess "Paul Krugman"?

Is TAPPED telling us that they can not take Krugman seriously as a journalist? Welcome aboard! I don't suppose they can teach him much about fact-checking though.

Now, I want to rally the spirits of the TAPPERS - this sort of research is not that hard. I got results on my very first Google search, and had an answer after roughly forty five seconds. It took a special inspiration to Google on "Paul Krugman" and "journalist", but this sort of skill can be developed with practice.

I may have a special benefit - a Nigerian minister sold me a special lifetime subscription to Google, and I benefit from access to searches of the web, images, news, and other cool stuff (Blogs?!). But maybe TAPPED can learn about Google too.

UPDATE: Read their whole piece to fully grasp the "straight news story" question. Cavuto is referring to himself and defending himself against the charge that he editorializes within the news segments in this next bit. He is not, contra TAPPED, suggesting that Krugman editorializes in his "news stories". Judge for yourself:

"Look, I'd much rather put my cards on the table and let people know where I stand in a clear editorial, than insidiously imply it in what's supposed to be a straight news story. And by the way, you sanctimonious twit, no one -- no one -- tells me what to say. I say it. And I write it. And no one lectures me on it. Save you, you pretentious charlatan.

TAPPED sees what they want, of course. Perhaps an excess of medication.

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