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Saturday, June 07, 2003

Believe The Hype

Check out the Belmont on Saturday, about 6:30 Eastern time. I am a very casual horse-racing fan, occasionally watching the triple Crown races, but I have vivid memories of the Affirmed-Alydar race at Belmont in 1978.

I was driving to a cousin's house for a family picnic. I was listening to the radio, and the race started just as I pulled up to the house, so I parked, and listened in the car. Affirmed and Alydar ran neck and neck for the last half mile of the race, and the announcer (who presumably has seen a few races in his time) just about had a coronary. "Afirmed and Alydar... Affirmed and Alydar... Alydar and Affirmed! Now it's Affirmed and Alydar!"

Oh, he went nuts. So after the race, I run in to the house, grab my cousin, and say, look, let's do all the introductions in a minute, this is the greatest race ever and we have to watch the replay. He's fine with that, so we switch on the TV. Technical glitch! We are getting audio, but no video. And this announcer (on the replay) is going nuts as well. "Look at these two horses! Look at these two champions! You will never see such an incredible horse race!"

He was right - I wasn't seeing it. Eventually, we got to watch one of the replays, and it was everything they had said.

UPDATE: Ignore the hype.

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