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Friday, June 06, 2003

"...The Worst Moment That I Can Even Imagine Anyone Going Through"

Barbara Walters and Hillary Clinton chat about her new book, and the discussion turns to Monica - what did Hillary know, and when did she know it.

Seven months later, two days before he had to testify under oath to a grand jury, Bill Clinton finally told his wife the truth. Hillary Clinton says: "That was probably the worst moment that I can even imagine anyone going through because what he told me that morning was that he had not levelled with me or anyone else. He had not told me the whole truth about what the relationship was. And I was furious. I was dumbfounded. I was, you know, just beside myself with anger and disappointment."

Emphasis, and groan, added. Now, in one sense, she clearly mis-spoke. No sane person could imagine that learning that your hound dog of a hubby is up to his old tricks would be worse than any number of family tragedies I will not enumerate on a pleasant Friday afternoon.

However, for the critics who think Hillary! is rivalled only by her hubby for the title of "World's Most Self-Absorbed", this quote provides more ammunition, and will be depicted as a glimpse into her unguarded self-conscious, where it really IS all about her. Her supporters will brush this off as harmless hyperbole.

As an evil righty, I am just glad G. Bush did not say this. Since he is not a genius, he could never get away with it.

UPDATE: They say there is a broken light for every heart on Broadway, which seems connected to this post, but I can't say why. K-Lo notes this soundbite, and is not amused.

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