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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

More Opinion On World Opinion

The NY Times reports on the Pew Research Center survey of international opinion. I noticed this tidbit:

The war has widened the rift between Americans and Western Europeans, further inflamed the Muslim world, softened support for the war on terrorism, and significantly weakened global public support for the pillars of the post-World War II era — the U.N. and the North Atlantic alliance," said Andrew Kohut, the Pew center's director.

Favorable views of the United States have declined in nearly every country since last summer.

Some of the sharpest turns in public opinion took place in Western Europe, where, for example, more than 60 percent of the French and the Germans held a favorable view of the United States last summer. After a difficult dispute over whether the United Nations should authorize the Iraq war, the follow-up poll showed that positive views of the United States had dwindled to 45 percent in Germany, 43 percent in France and even 38 percent in Spain, where the government supported the war.

Emphasis added. Meanwhile, back at the report itself, we see this in the summary:

In Western Europe, negative views of America have declined somewhat since just prior to the war in Iraq, when anti-war sentiment peaked. But since last summer, favorable opinions of the U.S have slipped in nearly every country for which trend measures are available. Views of the American people, while still largely favorable, have fallen as well. The belief that the U.S. pursues a unilateralist foreign policy, which had been extensive last summer, has only grown in the war's aftermath.

Emphasis again. The Pew report opened a paragraph with the news that the negative view of America seems to have peaked. I share the view of the Pew people that this is worth noting, and view it as an encouraging sign. Odd that the NY Times seems to have missed it.

UPDATE: This would not have happened if Howell Raines were still in charge!

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