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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Say It Ain't Sosa!

Sosa using a corked bat? Mark McGwire was on steroids, the Seattle Mariners eclipsed the Yankee mark for regular season victories almost immediately - did 1998 even happen? Well, there was still Bill Clinton.

Oh, I'm just saying that to rile you up. And I really did think up the "Say it ain't so", all by my little self, as did several other writers. I actually expected even more Google hits than I found.

UPDATE: Cloak and dagger tale of slugger Albert Belle's corked bat. According to this, his teammates knew, and all of Belle's bats were corked - both of these facts seem to weigh in Sammy's favor, since his other bats were clean, so we have been told. And, a physicist says cork doesn't help. I think he's wrong - even if the difference is psychological, 90% of this game is half mental.

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