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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Senator Endorses Destroying Downloader's Computers

Interestingly, my computer endorses releasing a virus to destroy Senators. Man, it can't wait for T3!

UPDATE: I hate to spoil the fun with a serious thought, but I have a friend who sees this as part of a larger Karl Rove conspiracy to bankrupt the Democratic Party. Because of his support for Israel, Bush is picking up money from Jewish donors (I have been told). Tort reform is on the agenda as a long run project to kill the trial lawyers, who are, of course, big Dem donors. And this copyright initiative, while seemingly daft, is a big red rocket in the sky telling Hollywood to drop Hollings and start thinking of Republicans as their friends and protectors.

And what do the Republicans lose? The youth vote? Bummer, dude, a bunch of folks who neither vote nor write checks are gone. And Silicon Valley, bust, dries up as a source of funds. As a political tactic, this may be brilliant. Ok, I hate it, but I am typing on a computer and posting on a blog, so I am not your typical citizen.

Well, it's a theory. It makes a bit more sense than "Hatch is a drooling idiot", but I suppose both could be right.

EVEN MORE: Here is a good round-up, and other links on file-sharing.

UPDATE: Glenn follows the money.

And I provide circular links to a Hatch update, above.

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