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Sunday, June 01, 2003

A Valentine For Dr. Dean

The New York Times Magazine delivers a sloppy wet kiss to the Presidential campaign of Dr. Howard Dean. Even I, arch-conservative, now feel like a wimp for not supporting the bold, courageous, straight talking, sensible, charismatic Dean. And no, I cannot find all those phrases in the article, I am being arch. Or droll.

Anyway,my own (free) advice for the Dan people - Mickey wonders what Dem can successfully make an issue of our seeming inability to "win the peace" in Iraq. Dr. Dean should go to Iraq and work for a week in various health clinics. That would be a photo-op that would blow away "Bush in a fligh suit". Then, with his newly enhanced credibility as an expert on Iraq, Dr. Dean can denounce the progress and planning of the Bush Administration.

If, a year from now, Iraq is looking good, Dean can claim some credit for turing up the heat and forcing the Administration to address it. If Iraq is a mess, Dean can make an issue of "who lost Iraq". Either way, he gains great publicity and foreign policy stature.

And I am not even rooting for the guy.

UPDATE: Here is an interesting reprise of past image management.

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