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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

When Boycotts Converge

I have been boycotting Woody Allen for so long I can scarcely remember why - something to do with Mia Farrow and her adopted daughter, who became his lover (and wife? Man, do I have to research this?). I am pretty sure the pedophila allegations came later, and may have just been Ms. Farrow being bitter.

So now, Woody Allen Becomes Pitch Man for France. This represents a huge time-saver for me, which is fine.

I am not a Madison Avenue maven, but I have to ask - does this idea make any sense at all? I don't have Q-ratings and demographic charts in front of me, but I cannot believe that Woody Allen's audience was boycotting France to begin with. And can Mr. Allen connect with Middle America on this subject, or any other? C'mon, get Clint Eastwood, or some real American, to stick up for France.

And another note, to which ever bright light came up with this campaign - take a look at this excerpt from the promotional video, and tell me if that is really the direction we need to go, given Mr. Allen's troubling history:

Allen, who has worked with the French tourist office before, said he doesn't want to refer to his french-fried potatoes as "freedom fries."

"And I don't have to 'freedom kiss' my wife when what I really want to do is French kiss her," Allen added.

I don't want to know more than I already do about his sexual preferences, thank you.

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