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Monday, June 16, 2003

When Memory And Google Fail

This is troubling. Brain Carnell has this post, based on his perusal of the Rittenhouse archives:

While doing some research on a somewhat related topic, I happened across this noxious post a couple months ago at the Rittenhouse Review blog. It just amazes me how frequently people will go on about something when a few minutes search Google would solve the mystery. Instead James Capozolla decides to make an idiotic statement about the disappareance of a young Georgia girl (whose body was found a few weeks later),

[Begin his excerpt of the Rittenhouse Review]

Oh, did I forget to mention that Ashleigh Moore is a black, African-American girl?
I hate to sound cynical, but I wonder if Ashleigh, despite her very Anglo-Saxon-sounding name, is just a little too dark to earn herself an Amber Alert, let alone spark a new wave of national hysteria. [End RR Excerpt]

Why was there never an Amber Alert for Moore? Because her case didn't fit the criteria that Georgia and other states have for issuing Amber Alerts...

And he goes on.

Now, I am not troubled to learn that Jim C. of the Rittenhouse Review launches his missles on warning, rather than bogging himself down with tedious facts.

And I am not troubled to learn that Brian, through kindness or ignorance, did not include Atrios, Hesiod, and especially TAPPED amongst the folks who uncritically praised Jim's post. Apparently, a mere suggestion of racism is enough to fully suspend the critical faculties of these deep-thinkers and media savants.

No, what troubles me is that I know, repeat, KNOW, that I commented on this somewhere back when the discussion was hopping. However, I can only assume that I was devastating and insightful, since I am utterly unable to find the site, my comments, or any evidence at all that I had any point whatsoever to make.

Darn my pointlessness.

UPDATE: When Google fails, call on The Crow! I still can't figure out how he did that, but here we are, over at Jane and Jay, with the last two comments.

And here is an update on the case. One sentence? Mom's latest boyfriend was a paroled sex offender who has been jailed for violating parole and remains the prime suspect, partly because Ashleigh's blood may be in his car, partly because, according to the younger sister, he left with Ashleigh on the morning of her disappearance.

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