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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Who Else Is Green With Envy?

Who else fears that the natural order has collapsed? Brad DeLong is getting a favorable mention on Rush Limbaugh? This is real old testament stuff.

So, my questions - Glenn apparently did not drive into a ditch from surprise. Are there some bloggers out there who did? And is it possible to just die from envy, and have any righty bloggers done so? (I myself have not, yet, but it's early.)

Finally, is there any justice? If I were quoted on Rush, my brother-in-law would experience shock and awe, and at family picnics I would be the guru on all things political while he cleaned the grill.

Instead, we have the spectacle of Prof DeLong being dropped from Berkeley "A"-lists faster than you can ask "Why did Hillary! name her book "Living His Story"?"

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