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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

WMD Smackdown

Best of the West (Mon, June 2) battles the Beast of the East (Tues, June 3, 8:35) in a WMD smackdown!

My take on this - iThe Bush Administration was far from alone in believing that Saddam might have WMDs. Here is a CNN account of a recent report from UN arms inspector Hans Blix:

UNITED NATIONS (CNN) -- U.N. weapons inspectors found no evidence of any programs for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq during their most recent period of inspections before the war, the body's weapons inspections agency has said.

But the inspectors also made "little progress" in clearing up remaining questions concerning possible WMD programs, according to the latest report from UNMOVIC.

According to the report, released Monday, "The long list of proscribed items unaccounted for and as such resulting in unresolved disarmament issues was neither shortened by the inspections, nor by Iraqi declarations and documentation."

That is helpful. No evidence of any programs, and no answers to unresolved questions - sort of a toss-up. Of course, one key issue was Iraqi non-compliance with UN resolutions and the disarmament process, and it seems to be clear that their cooperation was less than satisfactory.

As a bonus, here is a repeat link to the British International Institute for Strategic Studies, a Krugman endorsed enterprise. Well, he endorsed them when they blasted Bush, anyway. It loks like the IISS was also duped.

And from MSNBC, blasts from the past as they reprise various statements on Iraqi WMDs.

UPDATE: Rich Lowry of NRO fame has assembled some Administration quotes as well, for his Town Hall column.

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