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Monday, July 14, 2003

Dean Asks; I Eagerly Await An Answer

On the question of Iraq, I nominate Howard Dean for the sound bite du jour. Buried in the Adam Nagourney story on p. 11 of the Dead Tree Times, titled "Democrats Attack Credibility of Bush", we find this attack by Dean on his rivals:

And the changing sentiments about the war have provided a new affirmation for the position taken by Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor whose opposition to the war has helped power him into the front tier of the Democratic competition. Dr. Dean said today that he foresaw the shortfalls of Mr. Bush's Iraq policy from his perch in the Vermont Statehouse last fall — and mockingly questioned why his opponents in Congress had failed to do so.

"I think they bear some responsibility here," Dr. Dean said. "If I as governor of Vermont can figure out the case is not there to invade Iraq, how can three senators and a congressman who claim to have authority in public affairs manage to give the president unilateral authority to attack Iraq?"

"It looks like my analysis was the correct one and theirs was the incorrect one," he continued. "It's going to be hard for them to make the case that I don't have the credentials on foreign policy after this."

At 20 on TradeSports, Dean is a buy. 30 by year end, 40 next spring. Minimum.

INSTANT UPDATE: Ooops, 20 was sooo yesterday. I see Dean is currently 20 bid, 25 offered, up 6 on a Monday morning. I seem to be late with the right idea.

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