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Friday, July 25, 2003

Facing The Issues

The Mans Sans Q tiptoes around the question of whether the media can address the racial issues swirling around the Kobe Bryant case.

Well, inspired by his courage, I will engage the question of whether the media can address the issues swirling around the emerging likelihood that the accuser is nuttier than a fruitcake, to use the term recently endorsed by the HRC.

Now, I don't have enough facts to pre-judge this case, and perhaps, after a long pause to digest his evidence, the prosecutor concluded that he had compelling supporting testimony, or some other evidence. And I certainly don't want to suggest, as a general rule, that wackos are not entitled to their day in court. And, lacking a background in psychology, I am scarcely able to comment on the actual mental health of the young woman involved in this case.

That said, let me add - gimme a break. If I have the math right, the young woman in the case attempted suicide last winter, was hospitalized for observation (aka, put on suicide watch) in March, and attempted another suicide in May. And now, she is meant to be the star witness in what may boil down to a "he said / she said" rape case?

What I think would be appropriate would be for the DA who brought this case to host a press conference. He can announce that he was aware of her troubled and troubling past, does not think it will affect her credibility, and is not worried that the stress of a trial will endanger her mental health or, God forbid, her life.

Then we can say, "What a dope."

Alternatively, the DA can announce that this is all news to him, he's as surprised as we we are, but that's what makes our legal system so damn exciting, and the trial will proceed.

Then we can say, "What a dope."

This will not go to trial.

UPDATE: Commentary from Planet Earth. And a puzzling profile from the AP.

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