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Monday, July 21, 2003

Mark Kleiman Covers My Bet - [UPDATE - And Looks Good]

I have a long post below, laying out scenarios on the Ms. Wilson Caper. I put my money, tepidly, on the idea that Ms. Wilson is an overt CIA agent. In Mr. Kleiman's latest post, that would be (3).

Mr. Kleiman favors (4), "She works for a consulting firm as cover for her real work as a spy for the CIA."

Well, at least we agree on what the bases are and I think we have covered them.

Now, my headscratcher - why do we think Ms. Wilson is a consultant? I have carried that belief for several days, but when I tried to verify it, the best I could do was this David Corn excerpt:

"If she is not a CIA employee and Novak is reporting accurately, then the White House has wrongly branded a woman known to friends as an energy analyst for a private firm as a CIA officer.

Have I forgotten some source? That is pretty thin. Telling your friends that you are an energy analyst for a private firm is like telling them nothing. Which a person at the CIA might do, just to avoid a lot of silly conversations.

Just wondering. If this is the only source for her "consultant" cover, and you discount it a bit, my choice of (3) looks a lot better.

UPDATE: The subliminal power of the CalPundit:

July 16, 2003
ABUSE OF POWER....Valerie Plame is an energy analyst for a private firm. She is also the wife of Joseph Wilson...

Groan. I have no doubt that it seemed inconsequential at the time, and I am sure that dropping the qualifier hardly seemed important. Repeat groan.

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