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Thursday, July 17, 2003

More On WMD Intelligence

TIME magazine presents Wilson II, Mr. Wilson's latest version of what he told the CIA. I took a long look at Wilson I here.

TIME magazine crushes the rest of the Bush intelligence effort.

Tom Brokaw interviews David Kay, the man leading the search for the smoking gun.

From the Kay interview, we get a sense of the timetable for presenting the case against Saddam:

Brokaw: How long is that going to take?

Kay: No longer than it takes.

Brokaw: Six months?

Kay: I think in six months from now, we’ll have a considerable amount of evidence, and we’ll be starting to reveal that evidence. Will we get to the bottom of the program? It took them over twelve years to build this program. This is a tough country to work in. They hid a lot. I think we’ll probably still be finding stuff well beyond six months. I think we will have a substantial body of evidence before six months.

Well, "six months" was Mr. Brokaw's suggestion. However, six months from this interview is January 15. The Iowa caucuses are January 19, and the New Hampshire Primary is a week later. This timetable is going to cause outrage (or, I suppose, laughter) if it is actually achieved.

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