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Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Pretty Bright

From the quaintly faux-interactive "Letters to the Editor" at the NY Times:

To the Editor:

Though not a "bright" myself, I support Daniel C. Dennett's call for equal rights for his peers (Op-Ed, July 12).

I don't doubt that life can be uncomfortable for brights in ordinary civil society and in politics.

On the other hand, in intellectual and academic circles, brights usually feel free to make disparaging remarks about those with religious beliefs.

Mr. Dennett's equating of belief in ghosts, elves and the Easter Bunny with belief in God is not a bad example of the disdain that secular naturalists commonly show for religious believers.

I also don't doubt that brights are frequently the victims of arrogant religious bigots. But as arrogance goes, his remark that brights are "the moral backbone of the nation" sets a pretty high standard.

Bloomington, Ind., July 13, 2003

Get this guy a blog.

And if the Brights are an oppressed minority, shouldn't they be welcome to give a speech at the Democratic National Convention next year? I am sure the RNC would be delighted to defray the cost.

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