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Monday, July 28, 2003

Thanks For The Memories

Bob Hope dead at 100.

I was much younger when this got stuck in my brain, as Hope and Crosby staggered across the desert in "The Road to Morrocco" - "Let's go over that hill and see what's dune".

UPDATE: Vincent Canby from the NY Times. There is a wide selection of quips on offer, but let's use this:

Mr. Hope was often at his best sticking barbs in politicians. In "Bob Hope: My Life in Jokes" (Hyperion, 2003), his daughter Linda helped compile some of his jibes decade by decade. His perspective on the 1984 presidential race between Ronald Reagan and Walter F. Mondale was vintage Hope, a theme and variations with only the slightest pause for laughter.

"Hey, what a victory for the Reagans . . . or, as they're now being referred to . . . `Dynasty.' "

"I wonder if anyone woke up the president and told him?"

"Mondale knew this was gonna be a bad day when he called Dial-a-Prayer and the taped message answered him by name."

"Remember, Mondale said God has no place in politics, and apparently God feels the same way about Mondale."

"George Bush decided to sleep late this morning. He left a wake-up call for 1988."

"The farmers hate to see it end. All those campaign speeches were good for the crops."

And Road to Morocco was more influential than I knew:

Woody Allen was among those comedians who often credited Mr. Hope as an influence on their work. "When my mother took me to see `Road to Morocco,' I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life," Mr. Allen once said.

UPDATE: One person reflects, very nicely.

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