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Sunday, July 27, 2003

The Valerie Plame Affair - July 27 - Speak Out!

Sometimes people need to feel the heat before they see the light.

We are stealing shamelessly from a suggestion by Mark Kleiman that we contact our Congressfolks. Below is contact information for some people who might be delighted to learn of your interest in the Valerie Plame affair.

Although I am sure they will be intrigued by general expressions of interest (or outrage), it might be worth suggesting a specific news angle they can pursue. My thought is to follow on the announcement reported on July 25 by Newsday, that the FBI is considering this.

Another "answerable" question might be, has anyone at the White House or the CIA taken steps to determine whether national security has, in fact, been compromised by this leak.

Finally, Mr. Kurtz himself will be appearing in an on-line forum Monday, July 28, at High Noon, Eastern time. His preferred topic seems to be the clash of various media. Valerie Plame seems to be off-topic, but there is a possible hook - what is the process by which a story such as the Valerie Plame leak [insert diatribe] is overlooked by the big media?

NY Times
David Sanger: DaSang@nytimes.com
His byline appears here.

James Risen: No contact info. Yet. Hint!

Richard Stevenson: No contact info.

Washington Post
The WaPo directory

Howard Kurtz: KurtzH@WashPost.com
Mr. Kurtz noted the Newsday coverage here.

Joel Achenbach: AchenbachJ@WashPost.com
Mr. Achenbach noted the story in an on-line chat. [An Alert Reader has since advised me taht this is not Mr. Achenbach's normal area.]

Dana Priest: PriestD@WashPost.com

Dana Milbank: WhiteHouse@WashPost.com

Dana Carvey: JustKidding@GetIt.com

US Senate

Sen. Charles Schumer provides a Webform here.

Sen. David Durbin has some contact info here (please include a US Postal address, you non-constituents, you). His e-mail is: dick@durbin.senate.gov

Loose the hounds! Well, politely and calmly, of course.

TIMELINE of Scandal, from before the beggining.

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